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         What Would You Do If You Lost Your 7-Iron?

         If your clubs aren't labeled,
         you're risking them every
         round. Our durable Mylar®
         Labels are an easy and
         inexpensive way to protect
         your investment.

             • Don’t Lose Any Clubs!
            Whenever your putter,
            wedge, or other club
            becomes lost, you need a
            label that is legible. You
            need one that will stand
            up to time and weather
            and not wear off or fade.

             • Our Mylar Labels ...
            are the highest quality
            for the lowest price
            anywhere. The sheet
            of 20 labels is enough
            for every club in your
            bag, plus you can use
            the extras on other
            valuables like cell
            phones, computers,                           ORDER NOW
            sports equipment, etc...

             • Your Best Chance to Get
            Your Club Back Quick!          Sheet of 20!
            Here are some ideas
            on what to print on
            your labels: Your name,
            mobile phone (text                            $ 95
            or call), home phone,                              7
            email, mailing address.
            Remember, the more
            info there is, the better
            chance that you get your
            club back before you          
            leave the golf course!
             • Color availability:
            Black w/ gold letters          These labels available online only, at:
            Chrome w/ black letters.
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