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      MG600S Rangefinder: Slope, Vibrating MG-Lock  Confirmation,
                        Superb Range & Accuracy, & More!

                                                       MG-Lock Slope Mode View Shown


     • Superb range & accuracy. Measures
       distance within 1 yard from 6-600+ yards.
       Includes MG-Lock Standard Distance
       Mode and MG-Lock Slope Mode.                MG-Lock Standard Distance Mode View Shown
     •  MG-Lock measures the distance to the
       pin when something else (like a bunker   •  A slimmer, more ergonomic design.
       or trees) is behind it. This feature helps   With a small profile of 2.87" x 1.54" x
       you easily lock on to the pin. Available in   4.17", and an ergonomically contoured
       Standard or Slope Mode.                   design, it fits even more comfortably
     •  Slope Mode (aka Recommended              in the palm of your hand for a better
       Distance RD) adjusts for changes in       grip, and its 6.0 oz. weight is practically
       elevation. The yardage is adjusted based   nothing to carry in your bag.
       on the angle of the slope.              •  Crystal clear optics. High quality 6X
     •  Vibrating MG-Lock confirmation.          magnification 21mm objective lens with
       A single pulse gives tactile feedback     large display and a 7.2° view angle helps
       that the rangefinder has locked on to     ensure quick accurate readings. Has
       the target. Compare this to the JOLT®     adjustable diopter to customize to your
       technology on Bushnell's rangefinders     own eyesight correction prescription.
       (some of them cost upwards of $400!)    •  Comes with handy carry case, wrist
     •  Convenient external LCD display. Makes   strap, 3V lithium battery, microfiber
       it easy for you to read your measurement   lens cloth, and instructions.
       and share with your buddies without     •  60 day money-back guarantee. Don’t
       having to look through the viewfinder.             like it? Return it in good condition
                                                 within 60 days for a full refund of the
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     ORDER NOW                                You need to play golf with it
                                               to see how nice it really is!

        $  109             95        have a slim size with ergonomic "  I have checked it out with
                                                              several playing partners'
                                     Both the MG600S & MG800S
                                                              big name and high-priced
                                                              rangefinders and this 600S
                                                              outperformed. It has all the
                                     design that fits very comfortably
                                                              features theirs had and they
                                     in your hand.
                                                              started using my 600S.  I
                                                              am very happy with mine.                                         Thanks again for this great
      MG600S LASER RANGEFINDER                                           Harold Johnson,
      (CE RF M600S)                                                       Lexington, SC
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