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      Why Wear an All-Cabretta

      golf glove—not an imitation leather synthetic. Winner on the
      Leather Golf Glove?

       Over 95% of Tour pros wear a golf glove, and
      virtually all of them wear an All-Cabretta leather

       What is Cabretta leather? Cabretta is the finest       PGA tour!
      leather available for golf gloves that comes from
      long-haired sheep (not the woolly kind) primarily
      in Africa and Asia.
       While goatskin, calfskin, kangaroo, and imitation
      synthetics are also used in less expensive golf
      gloves, they can’t even come close to the same
      softness, strength and feel of Cabretta.
       If you play anything less than a Cabretta leather
      glove, the only thing that your glove and the Tour
      pro’s may have in common is the name. If you
      think otherwise, you are just fooling yourself.
       You can play a Cabretta leather glove though,
      like the pros do, for a price that’s even less
      than imitation leather! Why settle for a wanna-
      be-leather or a lesser grade of leather glove?
      Why pay three times more for another brand’s
      Cabretta? MG Golf’s All-Cabretta leather gloves
      make the most sense!

         And if you don't wear a golf glove...
       If you don’t currently wear a golf glove, you
      owe it to yourself to try one. You get a distinct
      advantage by being able to take a secure grip on
      the club with just light pressure.
       Squeezing the grip adds tension to your
      swing muscles, reducing clubhead speed and
      preventing a proper release through the ball,
      often resulting in a slice and lost yards.
       MG Golf Gloves give you a firm, confident grip
      even while your hands remain relaxed. That
      allows you to strike the ball more squarely and
      with greater swing speed for more accurate and
      longer golf shots.
       With that kind of advantage, is it any wonder
      that over 95% of Tour pros wear a golf glove?
      Take a tip from the pros: a golf glove will help
      your game!
   "      I have been using your gloves for about 30 years. I

       wouldn't dream of using any other glove. For as soft
       and tacky as your DynaGrip cabretta leather glove is,
       it has an extremely long life and stays comfortable.
                         Theodore C. Posner,Ft. Smith, AR
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