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       The Best Gloves,                                                                    TECHGRIP

       The Best Price!                                                PREMIUM ALL - C ABRETT A LEA THER
                                                                      FLEXIBLE SPANDEX INSERTS FOR BEST FIT AND COMFORT

       Back in 1979 (when we were called
       MasterGrip) we sold our first glove. Since
       then Over 2 million golfers have used MG
       Golf Gloves and over 25 million gloves
       have been shipped.
       Today, we have 3 different styles of
       gloves with a wide selection of sizes. And
       their quality is equal to or better than the
       so-called “leading-brands.” But MG Golf
       gloves not only play against the best in
       golf; they do it for less money too.
       Look at the table below and see how
       our best-selling DynaGrip Elite Premium
       All-cabretta leather glove stacks up
       against other popular gloves on price—
       up to 66% off other top-brands! It’s clear;
       MG Golf is your best choice for golf


         Competitor’s       Street   DynaGrip      Net
             Glove           Price               Savings

      Titleist Players ®    $23.99     $7.99     $16.00
      Glove Cabretta
      TaylorMade Tour       $21.99     $7.99     $14.00
      Preferred Cabretta ®

      Remember: over 99% of all
      in-stock glove orders ship within

       one business day!

   "    another glove because for wear, comfort, and fit. I have found

        I have been using MG Golf gloves for years... I would not use

                                         MG Golf to be the best!
                              Ronald J. Pape, Waukesha, WI
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