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       Quit Fumbling Around for a Ball Marker!

      With Our Personalized Magnetic Ball Marker You'll Always Be Ready.

        • Never hold up play
       fumbling for a ball
       marker again! Just
       slide your personalized
       marker off the magnetic
       clip affixed to your
       cap bill or any other
       convenient place. It's
       that easy!
        • FREE personalization lets
       you turn the ordinary
       into something special.
       Express yourself with
       your name, monogram,
       clever phrase, picture of
       your kids or grandkids, national           See page 23 for
       or civic pride, or whatever                PGA Men's Classic '63 Hat
       you decide! It can be a great
       conversation starter. Get some  Some Ideas for Your Ball Marker!
       ideas on this page or come up
       with your own original!
        • Marker will attach to any
       magnet. We recommend using
       our clip however because it is
       designed to work optimally
       with our ball markers.
        • Choose between 1 clip w/ 3
       markers, 3 markers only, or
       magnetic clip only.
        • Makes a great golf gift. (You
       know when they see it, your
       buddies are gonna want one!)

            1 Magnetic Clip w/ 3 Markers
            $ 50

                                                                       .96 in (24 mm)
                                                       .98 in (25 mm)
              3 Ball Markers Only:  5.00  SHOP THIS ITEM  Ball Marker Diameter  Quarter Diameter
             1 Magnetic Clip Only:  3.50
      These ball markers available only at
      Online only.                                   Ball Marker Thickness   Quarter Thickness:
                             ORDER NOW                 .044 in (1.1 mm)  .068 in (1.7 mm)
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