By submitting content for reproduction you represent and warrant that:
  • You are the owner of the content or the content is in the public domain.
  • You have the legal right and authority to reproduce this design.
  • You have no knowledge as to any third-party claims regarding the intellectual property.
  • The content does not infringe the rights of privacy, celebrity, moral or other rights of any third party.
  • The work is not defamatory or obscene.
  • The content does not contain illegal material.
  • The content does not contain material which denigrates or attacks any person based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or the like.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to print content that may be in conflict with this copyright declaration.

Return Policy for Personalized Products and Other Important Guidelines for Creative Design Choices:

Due to their custom nature, return credit for personalized items are decided on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, personalized product returns (which include cancelled orders past the printing stage) will receive a full refund minus a restocking fee. (Restocking fees are waived in the rare instance of an actual printing defect.)

Returns that are a result of creative choices made by you that involve no- or low-contrast combinations (black on black, blue on blue, red on black, blue on red, a colored image on optic yellow golf balls, etc...) or having supplied content that is obscene or otherwise offensive, are non-refundable.

Please be aware that despite our excellent print quality and the displayed preview image being a reasonably good representation of the final product, there are some limitations that prevent a 100% accurate rendering on screen and that some creative choices and poor quality images can cause poor quality results. Such cases are not considered printing defects. These limitations include (but are not limited to):

  • Differences in emissive (light from your display) versus reflective (light reflected off physical objects) can cause some variance in the final printed product from what is perceived on the display.
  • The actual print area size (versus the enlarged preview image on screen) can cause detailed elements like smaller (not enlarged) type, fonts with thinner elements, and other fine detail in images to become illegible—especially when choosing poor contrast combinations.  For example -  a dark font on a dark background, a small or thin font on a dark background, or a color image or color text (red, blue, green, pink, or white) on optic yellow golf balls.
  • Uncalibrated color settings on your display can cause a shift in on-screen color rendering resulting in a final product that appears differently.
  • Images supplied by you that are low-resolution can result in pixelation which can cause blurriness and other adverse effects on quality.

Being mindful of these guidelines can help you to make creative design choices that result in the best final quality for your personalized product!