These AMAZING Harry Taylor Series 405 Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges let you cut through the sand and rough like a hot knife through butter!

They'll get you out of the sand the first time, every time, and they are practically impossible to hit fat! You'll LOVE these new Harry Taylor wedges MORE than your current wedges...or we'll give you your money back. Turn up your speakers and watch the video below that explains everything!

Dear Fellow Golfer,

How many times have you left a shot in the bunker or chunked a pitch shot?

Wouldn’t you like a wedge that helps you get out of the sand the first time EVERY time? A wedge that's nearly impossible to hit fat and that makes pitches from the rough or fairway SO much easier?

Everyone would. Then why are sand wedges so hard to hit consistently well? It's because most wedges are designed for Tour players, guys that practice for hours every day. Their wedges have a very narrow sole, and little to no forgiveness technology built in. With traditional wedges, you have to time your swing just right and be SO precise!

And those new game improvement wedges sold on TV, well they may not have the quality performance and great looks that you want in your bag

You know you need a great performing, impossible to chunk, super-forgiving PREMIUM quality sand wedge! But up until now such a wedge just didn't exist.

Introducing the Harry Taylor Series 405 Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges

  • Super-forgiving wide dimpled sole. The wider sole with its golf-ball-like dimples lets it glide over sand or thick grass much easier than a conventional wedge. Nearly impossible to hit fat. No need to worry about opening the face, just square it up and take a swing and you'll put it close to the hole.
  • Soft feeling 303 steel. Softer than a 1025 carbon steel forged golf club, the more expensive 303 steel gives you a very soft, solid, great feeling golf club from your very first shot.
  • Precision milled face and USGA-conforming U-grooves. Produces a face that's perfectly flat and outplays and outperforms clubs made using less stringent manufacturing methods.
  • Tour quality rubber grip. Most popular grip style in golf. Non-slip pattern ensures sweat and moisture won't reduce comfort or accuracy, letting you play confidently and comfortably for the full 18 holes.
  • 4 different lofts 52°, 56, 60 and 64° in both left- and right-handed clubs.

Meet Club Designer Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor is a 10-year PGA Tour Player, 25-year PGA Instructor and renowned iron, wedge and metal wood designer. He has designed for Taylor Made and elite iron maker Mizuno, and at one time was partners with wedge design superstar Bob Vokey. Harry has created those perfect wedges we just talked about with his Harry Taylor Series 405 Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges.

For decades, he has designed wedges and irons for the best players in the world. Now he has designed a wedge specifically for us regular golfers (you know, those of us who don't play golf for a living).

With his never before seen, friction-reducing, chunk-proof dimpled sole design, these Harry Taylor wedges effortlessly cut through the sand and rough like a hot knife through butter! It's that easy to hit from the bunker or any lie!

How Harry Designed the Series 405 Wedges

Harry designed these wedges in 52°, 56°, 60° and 64° lofts for any type of shot from around the green, up to 100 yards. Harry's Series 405 wedges are SO forgiving and SO versatile that you can keep your same stance and swing from the bunker or any lie and still get the ball up in the air effortlessly.

Harry's wedges are engineered with super-soft-feeling, 303 stainless steel, and precision-milled face and grooves. Why? Even though its more expensive, Harry wanted you to have the soft feel of a super-premium wedge, and the precision and performance benefits of milling the face completely flat and grooved to very tight tolerances.

Elegant, quality made, premium wedges like Harry's come with a premium price tag. You could easily spend $150. But not Harry's wedges, because he's cutting out the middleman and selling them to you direct. And those competing premium, but traditional narrow soled wedges, aren't nearly as forgiving from any lie like Harry's wedges are.

When you hit one of Harry's wedges—with its soft-feeling 303 steel, precision-milled face and grooves, and the super-forgiving wide dimpled sole that glides through sand and rough as effortless as a golf ball sailing through the air—you'll know you've found a formidable contender and the perfect line of wedges to keep in your bag!

We asked some amateur golfers to hit their current wedges around the green then compare them to the Harry Taylor Dimpled Wide Sole wedges. Read what they had to say after trying Harry's wedges for the very first time.

Try the Harry Taylor 405 Series Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges Risk-Free!

Beautiful looking, quality made, premium wedges like Harry's come with a premium price tag. But not Harry's; he's cutting out the middleman and selling his wedges directly to you. By partnering with MG Golf, Harry is able to sell his premium 405 Series Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges for an unheard of price. Not $150 or more, not $120 or even $99 dollars. His premium chunk-proof, gorgeous dimpled sole wedges are available, for the factory-direct price of only $87!

Try any or all of Harry's wedges: 52° (gap wedge), 56° (sand wedge), 60° (lob wedge) and 64° (super lob). If you don't love their look, their quality and especially their performance as you hit shot after shot from the sand, rough, or any lie; if you aren't getting up and down hitting the greens and closer to the hole as you never have before; and if you haven't stopped worrying about chunked or fat pitches or sand shots...

If for any reason whatsoever you aren't completely satisfied with your Harry Taylor 405 Series Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges, just send them back within 60 days for a no-questions-asked full product refund.

Don't play another round getting stuck in a bunker or in the rough with your old traditional wedges. Click and order right now to get Harry's amazing and super forgiving Dimpled Wide Sole Series 405 wedges for an affordable, factory-direct price of only $87! Order now!

Harry Taylor 405 Series Wedge
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Harry Taylor 405 Series Dimpled Wide Sole Wedges Specs

Sole GrindDDDD
Swing WeightD3D4D4D4
Gram Weight 296g298g299g299g