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MG600 Laser Rangefinder
(without Slope Mode)
Only $99.95!
MG600S Laser Rangefinder
(with Slope Mode)
Only $119.95!
MG600S image.
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The MG600S Features:

  • Superb range & accuracy. Measures distance within 1 yard from 6-600+ yards. Includes 3 modes: 1) Standard Distance Mode, 2) MG-Lock Standard Distance Mode, 3) MG-Lock Slope Mode.
  • MG-Lock measures the distance to the pin when something else (like a bunker or trees) is behind it. This feature helps you easily lock on to the pin. Available in Standard or Slope Mode.
  • MG-Lock Slope Mode (aka Recommended Distance RD) adjusts for changes in elevation. The yardage is adjusted based on the angle of the slope.
  • Vibrating MG-Lock confirmation. A single pulse gives tactile feedback that the rangefinder has locked on to the target. Compare this to the JOLT® technology on Bushnell's Tour V4 Shift® (its street price: $374.95!)
  • Convenient external LCD display. Makes it easy for you to read your measurement and share with your buddies without having to look through the viewfinder.
  • A slimmer, more ergonomic design. With a small profile of 2.87" x 1.54" x 4.17", and an ergonomically contoured design, it fits even more comfortably in the palm of your hand for a better grip, and its 6.03 oz. weight is practically nothing to carry in your bag.
  • Crystal clear optics. High quality 6X magnification 21mm objective lens with large display and a 7.2° view angle helps ensure quick accurate readings. Has adjustable diopter to customize to your own eyesight correction prescription.
  • PDF version of MG600S instructions
  • Comes with handy carry case, wrist strap, 3V lithium battery, microfiber lens cloth, and instructions.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee. Don’t like it? Return it in good condition within 60 days for a full refund of the product price, no questions asked.
SkyCaddie SW2 Watch
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